About your stay

About yourstay on the 13th

Because of the limited number of rooms, Tokyu-Inn may not be able to prepare enough number of non-smoking rooms in the night on the 13th.
If you plan to stay in Matsue in the night on the 13th (we recommend you to do so), and non-smoking rooms at Tokyu-Inn are fully booked, there are two solutions;

1. Stay at smoking room in Tokyu-Inn during the GWC. They will deodorize your room, which usually works. Please add your request as comment to the hotel.
2. Stay at another hotel in Matsue during the GWC.

For option2, for example, you can book your room via
Matsue is located in Shimane Prefecture.
At this moment (15th of Jan.), we can book three hotels (Check-in: 8th, Check-out 14th) via above mentioned site.

Green Rich Hotel Matsue: Single Room (13m2) without Breadfast (5500 JPY)
Matsue Urban Hotel: Single Room with Breakfast (4500 JPY)

Those two hotels are close to the station, therefore close to Tokyu-Inn. Their rooms are rather small.

Matsue City Hotel (Annex): Semi-double Room with Breakfast (4900 JPY)

I once stayed at Matsue City Hotel (Annex). Rooms were not as big as twin room of Tokyu-Inn. Breakfast was served by very small breakfast box which I ate it in my room. But It was OK for me. This hotel is located near the lake (near Ohashikan Japanese Inn). You can enjoy hot water from the natural hot spa in the bathroom in your room.

Another choice is Matsue New Urban Hotel (http://new.matsue-urban.co.jp/en/) which is located near the lake. They will offer us transfers from/to Matsue Station and Kunibiki Messe.

We, local organizers, are really sorry about inconvenient caused by this
If you have any questions, let us know please.