Our conference venue is Nagoya Congress Center.
From this page, you can check the access to this area (Nagoya City and Nagoya Congress Center).

Firstly, please check area maps

Nagoya Congress Center is located in walking distance from Nishi-Takakura station and Hibino station, both of which are one stop from Kanayama station by subway. The subway connects to Sakae station which is downtown Nagoya.

If you book a hotel in Kanayama area or Sakae area, it is very convenient for you to reach to the conference venue. Our reception will be held at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Court Nagoya located next to the Kanayama station and the port of Nagoya public aquarium where we will hold the banquet is on the same subway line.
You can also check some possible accommodations at

Or, you can book your accommodations via http://travel.rakuten.com or other hotel booking sites such as Expedia. Nagoya is located in Aichi Prefecture.

Remarks: Because “Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix” will be held near Nagoya from 11th to 13th of October, vacancy of hotels on the night of 13th are rather limited.