Important Information for Delegates
attending the ISO TC/37 Meeting in Matsue
21-26 June 2015


      1)If you would like to go on the excursion and/or attend the banquet on the 24 June and have not yet registered, please do so by contacting as soon as possible. This is very urgent. For the excursion, we will provide lunch boxes for registered participants only. Similarly, for the banquet, we will provide Japanese traditional food only for those who have registered.

      2)The excursion and the banquet are also free for delegates' family members and friends accompanying them. If a family member or friend would like to come, please email with their names.

      3)If you (and/or family members and friends attending the social event) have any dietary restriction (e.g. they are vegan or vegetarian, or have Coeliac disease), please send all details to We will prepare special meals for the excursion and the banquet.
      On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, we will be providing a buffet lunch, and some of the dishes will contain no meat.

On Monday 21 June

      On Monday 21 June, the first day, please make your way to Kunibiki Messe. It is a 10-minute walk from Matsue Railway Station. Our registration desk will be in operation from 8.00am. The opening session will start at 8.30am.

During your stay in Matsue

      Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your stay in our city

      1) Interpreters
      Several English-speaking volunteers will be in attendance during the meeting.
      If you have any questions during your stay in Matsue, please ask them for assistance.

      2) Social Events
      When we finish the morning session on the Wednesday 24 June, we will board a number of coaches and be given our lunch boxes.
      The tour will take in:
        Izumo Oyashiro (Taisha), one of Japan's most famous shrines
        Yushien Garden, an exceptionally beautiful Japanese garden
        Matsue Castle, one of the country's oldest castles, and soon to be designated a National Treasure
      After Matsue Castle, we will go to the Ohashi-Kan Japanese inn, and enjoy delicious Japanese food.

      3) A walking tour of Matsue after the meeting is over
      If you can stay on in Matsue until Saturday 27 June, why not join a walking tour of Matsue?
      It will include:
        a boat tour around the castle's historical inner and outer moats
        a Samurai Residence and Tea House
        Gessho-ji Temple, renowned for its beautiful hydrangea blossoms in June.

      4) Tea Ceremony
      Japanese tea will be served at the conference venue on Monday and Tuesday.

      5) Traditional Crafts
      If you, your family members and friends would like to find out (more) about Japanese traditional crafts, we recommend Karakoro Art Studio, a short walk from the venue.
      There, you can examine Japanese confections, incense, beads and other accessories, Magatama (a comma-shaped stone) and silver jewelry. Much of it is fairly inexpensive.
      Our interpreters will be delighted to help you in any way they can.

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