Social Events

Excursion and Banquet on the 24th

    When we finish the morning session on the Wednesday 24 June, we will board a number of coaches and be given our lunch boxes.
    The tour will take in:
    • Izumo Oyashiro (Taisha), one of Japan’s most famous shrines
    • Yushien Garden, an exceptionally beautiful Japanese garden
    • Matsue Castle, one of the country's oldest castles, and soon to be designated a National Treasure
    After Matsue Castle, we will go to the Ohashi-Kan Japanese inn, and enjoy delicious Japanese food.

Matsue Walking Tour on the 27th

    If you can stay on in Matsue until Saturday 27 June, why not join a walking tour of Matsue?
    It will include:
    • a boat tour around the castle’s historical inner and outer moats
    • a Samurai Residence and Tea House
    • Gessho-ji Temple, renowned for its beautiful hydrangea blossoms in June.
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