The main purpose of the TAL conference series is to bring together scientists representing linguistics, computer science and related fields, sharing a common interest in the advancement of computational linguistics and natural language processing.

Papers are invited on recent, substantial, original and unpublished research on all aspects of computational linguistics and natural language and speech processing, including, but not limited to:
phonetics, phonology, and morphology
speech recognition and speech synthesis
word segmentation, tagging, and chunking
syntax, parsing, and grammar formalisms
lexical semantics and word sense disambiguation
pragmatics, discourse, and dialogue
lexicon, lexical databases, and ontologies
generation and summarization
information retrieval, question answering, and information extraction
machine translation, translation aids, and multilingual systems
dialogue systems and multimodal systems
language resources and tools
linguistic, psychological, and mathematical models of language
corpus linguistics
corpus-based language modeling
language learning and therapy
simulation and visualization
knowledge acquisition and representation
text and speech interfaces
text and speech classification
systems evaluation