Social Event

As mentioned in the registration page, for your convenience, we divide the conference fee into registration and social events. Even “conference reception” is NOT included in the registration fee. As local governments (Ishikawa Prefecture and Kanazawa City) kindly offered us final support for international conference, each ticket is very much discount price. The local organizers strongly recommend you to participate in all social events at JapTAL.

Reception (22nd of Oct.):

After all sessions today, there will be our conference reception. This is not a cocktail reception but a full dinner reception. It takes about 15 minutes by taxi to reach to our Banquet venue, Jardin Paul Bocuse.
We believe that it is not necessary to explain Paul Bocuse, the legendry restaurant that has earned the Michelin three-star for these 45 consecutive years in Lyon, France. This restaurant is located in Shiinoki Cultural Complex, Ishikawa Prefecture, which was a part of the previous prefectural government building (constructed in 1924). The front side of the Shiinoki Cultural Complex maintains the original bricks, and the opposite side provides a modern space with glass windows.

Price of Reception Ticket is 4000 Japanese Yen per person. But the original price for this dinner is about 12000 JPY!

Banquet: Japan Night! (23rd of Oct.):

This is "one stop service" for you to enjoy Japanese culture. You can see Kyogen (Noh farce) and Geisha show and of course you can enjoy very delicious Japanese cuisine. DO NOT MISS IT!
After sessions, we will move to Kinjoro (Main restaurant), which is located near the Asano river.

First, you will see Kyogen (狂言) Play.
Kyōgen (literally "mad words" or "wild speech") is a form of traditional Japanese comic theater. It developed alongside Noh, was performed along with Noh as an intermission of sorts between Noh acts, on the same Noh stage, and retains close links to Noh in the modern day; therefore, it is sometimes designated Noh-kyōgen. However, its content is not at all similar to the formal, symbolic, and solemn Noh theater; kyōgen is a comical form, and its primary goal is to make its audience laugh. Kyōgen is sometimes compared to the Italian comic form of commedia dell'arte, which developed around the same period (14th century) and likewise features stock characters. (Wikipedia)

Then, Geisha performance. Traditional Japanese female entertainers perform classical music and dance. After the performance, they will act as hostesses at the dinner.

After the performances of Noh and Geisha, you will enjoy traditional Japanese cuisines.

Price of Banquet Ticket is 8000 Japanese Yen per person. But the original price for the Japanese cuisine (without Noh and Geisha performance) is about 14000 JPY! Noh and Geisha performance is supported by local government.

Dinner (24th of Oct.):

After we finish all conference programs, we will walk to nearby Japanese restaurant. You can enjoy delicious Japanese traditional cuisines there.
Price of Dinner ticket is 4000 Japanese Yen per person. Of course, it is worth than that.

Full Day Excursion (25th of Oct.):

Full day excursion is scheduled on the 25th. First, we will take a bus for Takayama, which is one of the three star touristic areas in Japan in the Green Guide of the Michelin Guide. You will enjoy the morning market there and walk around the town. You cannot miss Japanese sake breweries and shops of Japanese lacquer ware. After lunch at the cozy local restaurant, we will move to Shirakawago, one of World heritages in Japan. The village is famous for its gassho-style houses, houses with a rafter roof. After village walk, we will go back to Kanazawa and have delicious Japanese cuisine.

Takayama Shirakawago