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You can book accommodations on the 8th, 9th and 10th from the web. If you need it on the 11th or more, please contact Hitoshi Isahara at isahara<at>

Before you register, please read followings;
We have two types of rooms at Takinoyu, our conference venue.

1) Japanese Style room.

2) Twin room.

You can enjoy Japanese style spa at Takinoyu.

Business Hotel Izukura
This hotel is next to Takinoyu.

Night Tour to Zao on the 10th.
After the 2nd day of the conference, we will take you to Zao Hot Springs where we can see Ice Monsters.

After dinner at Zao Hot Springs, we will get on a snowcat and go near the ice monsters. You can see some photos of the tour at
Sorry article itself is in Japanese.
It costs 5,000 JPY but is worth more than 8,000 JPY (3,000 JPY dinner + 3,800 JPY snowcat tour + bus)

Tour to Yamadera and Tendo on the 11th
This is after conference tour with new friends.
We will visit
Hiroshige Museum of Arts (,
Lunch at Yamadera (,, and
Tendo Mokko (
After the tour, our bus will move to Yamagata Airport and Tendo JR station.
You can take JAL2238 for Osaka/Itami at 17:50 from the airpot, or
JR Tsubasa express 156 for Tokyo at 17:49 from the station.
It costs 2,660 JPY, but again is worth more. (2,160 JPY lunch + 500 JPY Hiroshige Museum + bus)


MAPLEX 2015 will be held in Yamagata, Japan, February 9-10 2015. The aim of MAPLEX workshop is to bring together diverse contributions in philosophy, linguistics, computer science and lexicography to explore the lexical resources. The discussions will be centered, but are not limited to, various approaches to the lexical database such as Wordnet, Framenet and Generative Lexicon.
Topics include:

Building lexical resources
Maintaining resources
Sharing lexical resources
Acquiring lexical information
Representing lexical information
Multilinguality in the lexicon
Links between different frameworks
Standardization and evaluation
Using lexical information in applications
Specialization and customization for specific applications
Lexical semantics

In order to boost the collaboration between people/institutes working about lexical resources/applications, there will be a discussion session with position papers. Provision of information on the lexical resources/applications for languages with low resources are welcome.
The workshop will be held over a period of two days at Japanese style inn with hot spring in a beautiful winter paradise in Japan.