Accepted Papers

Long Papers

Alex Kabbach
Japanese FrameNet Data Quality Overview
Nathaniel Oco
Building Resources for Philippine Languages
Chia-ying Yang
AV Event Types in Squliq Atayal
Piek Vossen
Words in context: a reference perspective on the lexicon
Roxane Segers
ESO: a Frame based Ontology for Events and Implied Situations
Virach Sornlertlamvanich
Understanding Social Movement by Tracking the Keyword in Social Media
Sylviane Cardey
Neologism Recognition and Tagging
Chiarung Lu
Towards a Culturally Weighted Lexicon Construction
Monica Monachini
Generative Lexicon and Polysemy


Short Papers

Masanori Oya
Lexical Information for Japanese Zero Pronouns
Emiel van Miltenburg
Towards the automatic identification of adjectival scales
Mohand Beddar
French to Arabic Machine Translation of Support Verb


Disscussion Session

Victoria Rau
Facing orthography issues dividing the Yami community
Li-May Sung
On the development of an indigenous bilingual dictionary: the case of Seediq in Taiwan
Shu-Kai Hsieh
Linked open data for Formosan Languages
Koichi Takeuchi
Annotating Semantic Role Infomation to Japanese Balanced Corpus
Kyoko Kanzaki and Hitoshi Isahara
Parallel Data Sharing for Intensification of the International Competitiveness
Yoshihiko Hayashi
Anatomizing evocations: a trial using an existing ontolexical resource